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Issues with education for disabled in Africa


Education is very important thing in every grown up and child’s life, but there are people with special needs that require different education programs. Even here in Europe we have not reached the point where we can be proud that we made all education programs accessible to disabled people, but […]

Nelson Mandela and His Work in Education System


Nelson Mandela was an amazing human being and I think we all heard something about him. He was first black president of South Africa and was in office for five years. Also, he fought for people’s rights. In this article you will be able to know little bit about his […]

Literacy in Africa


Meaning of the word literacy is the ability to write and, of course, read – the base of learning. We learn not just at school or university, we are learning in every step of the life. When we are talking with other we get information, we remember it, we ask […]