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Teaching English in Africa


There are 54 countries in Africa in which you can choose to teach. Of course, it comes with all kind of challenges, like living in the conditions that you never experienced before, being frustrated with limited teaching materials and resources, cultural shock, but it is going to lead you to […]

Schools Built in 2017 by Schoolsforafrica.co.uk Project


Schoolsforafrica.co.uk project is an organization which is raising money to build schools in Africa. They started in 2007 and in 11 years done a lot for rural communities. Let’s look at 4 most successful projects of 2017. GBPS Meyomessala is in Cameroon which is divided in two regions: Anglophone and […]

Issues that stops education progress in Africa


These are the times when more and more children are going to school, but there is so much to do to improve those numbers. Sub-Saharan regions in Africa is the poorest in education. Children there need to leave or never even start schools, leaving them without basic skills. Classroom seems […]