Can Pet Odors Be Removed by Carpet Cleaning?

The Carpet Cleaning Sydney removes the bacteria in pet stains and the smells associated with such colors. However, if you try to clear a color and push it farther into the carpet, the color and its accompanying smell could become permanent. Therefore, when attempting to remove pet stains and odors, stay away from the following to make sure you don’t make the stain worse or even permanent:

1. To avoid damaging carpet fibers and flattening the carpet nap, never scrub the carpet with a stiff brush. Additionally, try not to rub the stain until the area has been well wet. Otherwise, you risk scratching the paint deeper into the carpet.

2. Before using a carpet cleaning product, always examine the carpet’s composition because different cleaners are designed for other stains or materials, and using the wrong one can harm a rug.

3. Dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, and other cleaners are frequently too abrasive for carpets and can bleed color and damage fabric. When treating pet stains and odors, only use carpet cleaning products.

4. Refrain from using deodorizers, candles, perfumes, or other strong-smelling items to mask the smell. These may even exacerbate the odors and damage the carpet.

Remember that mold and mildew increase in dark, moist regions, so it doesn’t take long to appear and spread down the underside of a carpet. Calling a more seasoned professional to clean the carpets, get rid of the mold and mildew, and properly dry them so that residues don’t reappear is essential if you notice an unpleasant scent following carpet cleaning.

It’s time to call a carpet cleaning specialist if you’ve tried using over-the-counter cleaners to remove pet odors and stains, but the smell persists. They can apply odor neutralizers that successfully eradicate odors and thoroughly clean the carpet down to the underlying padding.

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