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An American Company Educates Africa


The state education system in Kenya has numerous problems. The schools are not only overcrowded but also poorly equipped and in bad condition. So it is not a surprise that many parents send their children to private schools. The American company Bridge International Academies is particularly successful in this. It […]

Teachers Without Borders. Africa

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Ever since humans started establishing the very first organized societies, the need for some kind of education occurred. From there, the human race has been pacing forward in terms of scientific and cultural innovations most often due to well-developed and structured educational systems. It is a global concern that not […]

Teaching in Africa

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Africa is a very diverse continent; possibly the most diverse continent on the planet. Yes, in other parts of the world, it’s referred to as if it were a country rather than a continent with more than 50 countries within it. African countries have skylines, social amenities, infrastructure, and large […]

What Are the Literacy Levels Like in Africa?

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A basic reading and writing ability could be regarded as a basic human right, as it’s so vital to how we function in society as a whole. With an increasing emphasis on technology, which has become more affordable, literacy’ is more significant than it ever was for anyone wishing to […]

Africa’s Most Literate Countries – Part 2

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The adults from Principe and San Tome reported a lowly literacy rate of 57.3 per cent in 1981.

Africa’s Most Literate Countries – Part 1

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Literacy not only improves our ability to live a normal life in a world that is becoming more and more communication driven. It also provides more professional opportunities for people to improve their income and see their families rise from low-income conditions. Skills, in turn, have been linked with increased […]

Africa’s Colonial Education System

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Thousands of Africans graduate from higher education institutions each year and are yet still underemployed or even unemployed. Most parents, however, still hold hope that their children will receive a quality education to the point that these parents give up their wealth to ensure that they do. So what’s wrong? […]

Best universities in Africa

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Higher education is just as important as primary or secondary everywhere in the world.  Africa understands this and is trying to build more and more Universities for people to receive bachelors, masters or PHD degrees. Here is a short list of top ranking universities in the continent. University of Cape […]

What professions are most needed in Africa

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Bloomberg reported that Africa is going to have a new economic order in 15 years’ time, because it constitutes major advances in output and production. Africa is a continent with undiscovered resources like oil and gas, and plain land that can be used for agriculture, which is an untouched wealth […]

Ways to improve education in Africa

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Part of achievement and being successful comes from education and it is the same in Africa. It has never been treated as a priority to get an education in this particular continent, but now it has become more needed than ever. Enrollment rates are growing slowly but steadily, and between […]