Computers for Africa

Computer Aid is an organization that helps schools in Africa build computer classes. They started in 1997 and since then, they helped more than 14 million people worldwide. Over 100 countries received 260 thousand computers and that enabled 1 billion hours of learning. They believe that technology is a necessity for education and it creates a better learning environment.

Project ideas and goals

  • To provide software and hardware to non- profit organizations.
  • To train management ICT skills and pedagogical skills to improve their confidence
  • Monitor and evaluate the projects based on impact they are creating.
  • Offer a secure IT disposal to help with e-Waste
  • Recycle electronics

Computer Aid is Based in England and is working with various organizations from all over Europe to reuse computers and accessories. That’s how IT equipment gets to have a second life. The organization offers IT disposal services to companies all around the world and they remain in compliance with GDPR, Hazardous Waste and other regulations necessary to provide amazing service for both sides. The challenge of waste disposal comes with amazing opportunities, it has been 20 years now, during which Computer Aid found new ways to build computer classes where they are most needed. They have designed ZubaBox which is run by solar-energy, and that allows computers to be run in areas which have no electricity supply. They have devices that provide educational resources in already prepared digital packages where internet access is very bad or not available, and there are no libraries.

Another project which has the same goals and works in the same direction is called Computers4Africa. This organization is merged with Digital Pipeline which is also a charity organization founded by Microsoft. This is the leading technology charity in the world, which helps hundreds of thousands of African children. The goal is to improve their education and skills and to create more opportunities by providing hardware and software for African schools and libraries that cannot afford it.

What can you do?

  • You can also be a part of this movement. Donate your old computer or any IT accessory or device to one of these organizations and they will make sure that it will reach a student in Africa who desperately needs it. You can drop it off in any of the charity centers, and if you have large amount of equipment, the charity can organize a pick-up form you.
  • Donate money to these charities so they can use those donations to hire more technicians to repair computers and hire more staff to run the organization smoothly.
  • Give A Teacher. It is very hard to find a qualified professional who has training in IT and also possesses pedagogical skills. Your donation will be used to hire these kinds of people to teach in the schools of Africa which are lacking management in IT. You will become a sponsor of a teacher and will receive pictures and information about the person who was hired because of your donation and updates on how the teacher is helping the students.

There are many more organizations who are building IT classes in African schools, but these two we discussed, ComputerAid and Computers4Africa are adding much more value by recycling, that helps our Earth too. Even 1 dollar from your bank account can be a huge help, or just by sharing this article and spreading the word you will become a part of the cause.