Nelson Mandela and His Work in Education System

Nelson Mandela was an amazing human being and I think we all heard something about him. He was first black president of South Africa and was in office for five years. Also, he fought for people’s rights. In this article you will be able to know little bit about his personal life and how it helped education system in Africa to develop.   Mandela was married 3 times. The third time he married first education minister of Mozambique, her name is Graca Machel.  His passion for freedom and education brought them together.
Education for Mandela was related to liberty and capability; after all, we all know that knowledge is power. He studied in University College of Fort Hare, after that came University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and his major in law. That’s why he always encouraged people to learn. He was born in Mvezo. Village had no high school, so children could study just until they became nine years old. Mandela was a dreamer and he dreamed that one day there will be a school and full education system in his hometown. The school is now called Science and Education and it is his legacy for his birthplace. The school can teach around seven hundred of students. It happened with help of worldwide known company Siemens. They donated 15 million South African Rands.

Nelson Mandela was really passionate about education in general. His most known quote says that knowledge is a weapon with which you can protect yourself and fight. When he was no longer president of democratic South Africa, he helped to build many more schools and fought for the right of education, especially in remote areas. Meantime, his interests changed from building to helping to teach.  Mandela focused on preparing good professionals – teachers to develop not just roof over students heads but also the quality of information that children were receiving. Like a real democrat, he believed that the true power of men should be based on education.

Anti-apartheid activist and lawyer Nelson Mandela in the office of Mandela and Tambo, a law practice set up in Johannesburg by Mandela and Oliver Tambo to provide free or affordable legal representation to blacks. (Photo by Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images)

Sadly, he died in 2013 on December 5th. But his work and name in educational activities remained all around the world.  Mandela has 28 schools named after him, as well as two universities. The most famous school is in Berlin, it was founded in 2000 by Berlin government. Nelson Mandela’s school is a member of UNESCO. It provides education for children from different backgrounds, especially if they are bilingual. School teachers say that they are working towards equality and showing students different aspects of the life. Staff inspires children to work together and learn from each other because they all come from around sixty different countries, so you can imagine the diversity.

We can see that Nelson Mandela was and still is very important person in education. His impact is so strong that, after his death, cities all over the world named streets and buildings in his honor, and it won’t stop there. We all can learn from this great man of how necessary is education and the people, who have free public schools and even can chose from them, have privilege over those who cannot get such an easy access.