Schools Built in 2017 by Project project is an organization which is raising money to build schools in Africa. They started in 2007 and in 11 years done a lot for rural communities. Let’s look at 4 most successful projects of 2017.

GBPS Meyomessala is in Cameroon which is divided in two regions: Anglophone and Francophone, by the name you can understand that in one people speak English in another one – French. Also, they are being divided by religion and tribes. Teachers speaking several languages are very important to these kinds of children, because they help to unify them and learn to work and study as a team. This is a bilingual school and they are increasing number of students. This is not far from equator, in the South so that means climate is humid, rain visits often, but there was an issue with clean drinking water. Borehole was part of the project and now children and school can enjoy fresh water.

Ecole Publique de Edjom. This is a primary school that cost more than 24 thousand British pounds. To find this school you need to drive half an hour through jungle on dirt roads and find it in the forest. There are three classrooms, one toilet and office for management. It accommodates full six years classes for primary education. Community tried to reach this goal from 1956 when the school was initially started in this area. Now you can find 185 pupils filing the classrooms and teachers, they have need to hire couple more teacher to provide children with better education. In this school borehole was also built to provide people with clean drinking water.

GS Kungoh. Primary school in remote area, which accommodates 200 students. School was built from bricks made from mud. Project promised to build latrine, three new classrooms safe for learning and teaching and an office. School is already built, just missing couple coats of paint. Political crisis is happening, that is delaying the process of opening, but some brave students are already attending classes. This school costs £21,288 for funders.

EP Bapes. This school required 25 thousand. It was built just from sticks, imitation of the walls and unsafe roof was hanging over the pupils’ heads. Rain winds destroyed school every single time and it need to be rebuilt. Village to which school belongs to, Bapes Mondial ir very poor and community, not educated itself to know how to have an education system with waterproof walls and roof.  Project team needed to encourage the whole village to accept their help and be a part of change and example for their future generations. Block of classrooms was built as well as a sanitary bathroom.

All schools require the same maintenance and new classrooms, have sanitary space, place for management to train and rest. In these conditions every single student needs safe roof over head to feel protected and to be able to learn. Project never stops; and in so many rural undiscovered villages crying for help and education for their children, people there are working 24/7 with aim to create change.