Teaching English in Africa

There are 54 countries in Africa in which you can choose to teach. Of course, it comes with all kind of challenges, like living in the conditions that you never experienced before, being frustrated with limited teaching materials and resources, cultural shock, but it is going to lead you to personal growth. English is very useful and needed, but also different kind of specialists are required, like art teachers, physical or health ones. From different corners of the world teachers are going to differ by their cultural experience and skills. You can come from city of lights, desert or small village, but teaching in Africa is going to be a real adventure and is going to change your life one way or another. These are 3 places for you to consider teaching English.


This country is in South-West of Africa, there are 2 mixed cultures – German and Southern African. Official language is English, but people are lacking reading and grammar skills. Namibians are very welcoming people and you as a teacher will be greeted with open arms. Volunteer teachers are going to receive monthly allowance around 350 USD, that is going to be enough for their basic needs and daily budget. Of course, you need to note that clothes and things like oil is very expensive, you have to bring enough clothing for you to last the whole volunteering trip. Teachers have to be native English speakers and have certificate for letting you to teach, plus a bachelor’s degree.


Moroccans speak two languages, French and Arabic. Because of the tourism, everyone knows famous Moroccan markets; and English is the third language there. Now it can look strange because people are already speaking English, but your time and help will be very valued; from personal perspective and career wise, it is a great opportunity. As a teacher you can expect to earn around 1000 USD per month by giving private lessons or having a full-time teacher. Even if you are inexperienced one, they are very tolerant and waiting for you to get involved.


Senegal was a French colony, so naturally everyone speaks French there and it is a perfect place to teach English. But the primary language is Wolof. Ministry of Education in Senegal is aiming to make English language a mandatory subject in schools. Government’s goal is to make students in the future learn and speak three languages. If you can get a teaching job in private school, for a foreigner teacher your yearly salary is going to be 26 thousand dollars. If you are volunteer, you are not going to receive a salary but will be provided with necessities like food and place to stay. Senegal private schools require TEFL certificate to show that you are able to teach abroad, two or more years of experience, but volunteers are not required this. These are just 3 places and, as I mentioned, there are 54 countries and many more opportunities for you to become teacher abroad and give back to society.