What professions are most needed in Africa

Bloomberg reported that Africa is going to have a new economic order in 15 years’ time, because it constitutes major advances in output and production. Africa is a continent with undiscovered resources like oil and gas, and plain land that can be used for agriculture, which is an untouched wealth source. 50% of the continents population is younger than 34 years old. All 54 countries of Africa need support for its infrastructure with major new developments and opportunities by creating jobs and businesses in general.

Agriculture is the largest industry in Africa. It takes up a big part in Gross domestic product and it is followed by mining and oil production. 60% jobs are in agriculture, whose main income is from the largest farms which are producing cocoa, cotton, rubber and don’t forget coffee that is one of the best in the world. But the youth doesn’t want to be simple workers in the fields or mines, they want to have new opportunities and that requires education. If you want to enter this sector, you need to have a particular skill set which includes higher education in agriculture, economy or finances. You can’t be happy with just a bachelor’s degree either, try to get some practical knowledge in the field, and after that get a master’s degree or even a PHD. These kinds of businesses need to commercially educate people to be able to buy, sell, plan and grow their goods. The highest paid careers in agriculture are from Agricultural engineering, where science meets practice outside of the office. You can earn 60 thousand USD per year in this field. Vets are always needed, because of agriculture and it is a very well-respected profession, since without healthy animals agriculture cannot exist, being a veterinarian, you can earn more than 24 thousand dollars per year. Management is also in demand, even in agriculture, there you will earn 90 thousand per year.

Working in power plants, close to the main power sources is a very responsible career. People are mining not just oil, but diamonds, gold and other precious metals, along with cobalt, uranium and others that are needed and expensive. While mining is growing rapidly, the other sectors need to grow together like transportation, infrastructure, communication technologies and information sectors. These are very important sector for economic growth, because nineteen countries are producing oil in Africa. This industry creates employment, power development, health advancements, education and real estate, making their funding grow.

Lowest paid jobs are in supermarkets for cashiers or just workers in the service sector. Per year, service sector workers earn just 440 dollars. But there is a high demand for these kinds of employees. You can pursue your career in HR, management, finances, administration, customer care, logistics, marketing and merchandiser fields. There are also higher paying jobs in this service sector, for example, working in human resources you can earn more than 2 thousand dollars. Merchandisers are always needed because of their skills to sell to the right clients, the ability to understand how to sell more, making merchandise available at the right competitive prices and maximizing the profit while growing the business. Working in this field you will have salary of 20 thousand dollar.